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About 'Crete Clothing

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Rob McCulloch has the pleased look of someone returning to an old passion. Perched on a table, which will soon be a centerpiece of men’s furnishings, he is surrounded by filled-clothing racks and yet-unboxed shirts, belts, ties and socks. It must all be ready by Oct. 13 when Creté Clothing and Fashions for Men opens its doors in downtown New Philadelphia for its unveiling.

“The name comes from the look of the store,” McCulloch said. “Its modern industrial design and most of the tabletops have been formed of concrete. 
Indeed the wide open, gray-floored space is the result of a complete gutting and rethinking of the building that once housed Robert’s Men’s Shop. Exposed brick with remnants of old plaster live alongside rough columns and brightly lit spaces while high overhead chipped tin ceiling panels, long hidden, are again revealed. 

The idea for Creté came so recently McCulloch is still reeling from the life changes. “The chance to do this came about in early September,” he said. “I was fundraising manager at Community Hospice, which I enjoyed. My wife, Cathie, and I talked about the opportunity to create a customer-service-based men’s store downtown, and then I thought of little else. After a few days she asked again what I thought. I said I wanted to do it, and she said, ‘that’s what I hoped you would say.’” McCulloch said his family has been very supportive.

A member of the New Philadelphia Business and Community Association, McCulloch said, “The downtown business community has been fantastic. We’ve heard from so many people expressing their delight in having Creté join the retail community. We believe in business here and feel confident the new store will be well-received.”  McCulloch said Creté would be 100 percent customer-service focused.

“Many men, especially younger men, are a little intimidated by putting a look together. At the same time they’re ready to be more experimental. You can put a suit jacket together with jeans. You can assemble patterns, colors and textures in a way that works.”

“We’ll offer the kind of service you used to expect from a men’s clothing store,” he said. “It will be a good combination of old-world service and very up-to-date fashion choices. And we think downtown New Philadelphia is the perfect place to put it all together.”

“Crete, Clothing is a place guy can feel comfortable and ask for help,” he said.

Creté Clothing: Hours are Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., Thursday 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. and Saturday 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Crete’ Clothing: Specializing in classic men’s styling and casual wear.